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Tightly coupled systems are unmaintainable

Yet another example of why I believe this:

Microsoft told me to update to IE7, so I did. To test something in IE6, I’m installing MS Virtual PC 2004 (provided free by MS), and running an image of Windows XP that has IE6 (also provided free by MS). I am following this article from the IEBlog: IE6 and IE7 Running on a Single Machine.

I downloaded both files, and now all I have to do is debug the installation of both. MS Virtual PC thinks I don’t have a checkbox checked, but my network settings disagree. Windows doesn’t think the compressed OS image I downloaded from Microsoft is a valid exe file.

I appreciate that Microsoft is trying to help me out, but making IE7 a separate program from IE6 would be much more helpful.

I guess I’ll try rebooting.