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more adw-charting paperwork complete

Made another release tonight, but there are no new features, this is just tying up some loose ends:

  • added a LICENSE file and license headers in each file.
  • removed cl-vector-chart.lisp, which I had looked at for inspiration, but ultimately decided not to use.
  • added a lisp file and shell script to automate making a release.

Thanks to Nikodemus Siivola for taking a look at the code and making some suggestions.

I’m still pretty new to the culture of open source, and it always amazes me when people spontaneously offer advice and help.  This sort of behavior helps restore my faith in humanity, which my national government seems to sap at every opportunity.  It’s very nice to see some upward spirals.

I’m also greatly amused by the stark contrast between the awesome lisp community that’s taking time to help me and the elitist-asshole lisp community I’ve read about off reddit.

Next time: some graphs to map performance differences as I evolve the adw-charting internals, and more Lisp.