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adw-charting now has at least one other user

I’ve gotten some nice email from Erik Winkels giving feedback on adw-charting, and now today (which has had already it’s share of exe-related posts), I get one more email with a patch for supporting clisp executables.

I was loading a font file using a path relative to the (asdf:component-pathname …), and that was tripping up the exe.

Building standalone EXEs is still pretty low on my list, as I mostly make web apps and have servers available.  I think the growing desire good EXE support is a sign of lisp getting some more traction, as folks get past the “wanting to get their feet wet” stage and into the “wanting other people to use their software” stage.

Erik was kind enough to send a screenshot along with this amusing note:

I’ve attached a screenshot of the utility (it’s a trading tool for EVE-Online) and I’ve deleted the working title since it can be somewhat offense for some people.

The mind reels.  What was this name that was deemed too offensive?  It looks pretty nice, maybe he’s using ltk?

screenshot of Erik's app

screenshot of Erik's app

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