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Category Archives: annoying

Installing VS 2008 and SQL 2008 Express on Windows 7

A new decade means time for a fresh windows install at work.  I ran into some trouble with windows 7, visual studio 2008, and SQL 2008 Express.  Here’s how I resolved them.  Contrary to most things I found on the web, I’m not using betas or release candidates. First off, installing SQL 2008 Express.  I […]

Is programming all marshmallows and toothpicks, or is it just web apps?

I’ve been doing some maintenance programming for a few days solid (rare for me to get to program that much), and I again find myself amazed that any software works at all.  I’ve only been programming seriously for about a decade (mostly web apps), but it feels like I’m building rickety crap on top of […]

shibboleth attribute “scope () not accepted” and “value () could not be validated by policy, rejecting it”

I have a client who acts as a Shibboleth Service Provider (SP), and the corresponding Identity Provider (IdP) needed to update some of their information, so I had to spend a few hours debugging shibboleth again this morning. The punchline: in the metadata for an IdP, there are TWO places you need to specify the […]

brief list of things that make working in C# frustrating

Problem: .NET framework classes don’t use interfaces enough Specific example: DataSource / DataBind()are separately defined on Repeater and GridView, (and Control, and many, many others), and my abstract base class doesn’t care which option an implementor chooses, it just wants to bind the data however the base control wants it. Possible Solutions: Define interface IDataBinding, […]

SQL Server 2005 doesn’t like bitwise comparison of large numbers

An update trigger using COLUMNS_UPDATED() was failing, and I figured out the problem: Some simple SQL: SELECT CAST(0x0200 as bigint), 0x0200 | 0 SELECT CAST(0x02000 as bigint), 0x02000 | 0 SELECT CAST(0x020000 as bigint), 0x020000 | 0 SELECT CAST(0x0200000 as bigint), 0x0200000 | 0 SELECT CAST(0x02000000 as bigint), 0x02000000 | 0 SELECT CAST(0x020000000 as bigint), […]

Quicken 2007 fails

I use quicken to manage my finances, and find it overall does an excellent job, but every now and then it does something outrageous: Seriously?   You still can’t handle that?  I guess that means its time to take another stab at gnucash.

“manual or distributed transaction mode”, ruby, rails, mssql, ado

Spent too much damn time debugging the database layer in rails again today. This was the error: OLE error code:80004005 in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server Cannot create new connection because in manual or distributed transaction mode. This was getting thrown after an insert, and the problem was very non-obvious.  I found one […]

Debugging Shibboleth and “error:14094412:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert bad certificate” errors

Mucking about with Shibboleth again, and ran into some errors on the SP, specifically: 2007-07-10 19:49:42 DEBUG SAML.libcurl [79] sessionGet: SSL read: error:14094412:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert bad certificate, errno 0 This is the “catch-all” error message for Shibboleth OpenSSL Errors. After much research and testing, it was a problem with the IdP, their server was rejecting […]

EventHandlerList, key equality, and auto-boxing in C#

I was recently implementing some custom events, and found a couple of good (if old) articles describing how to do this efficiently using EventHandlerList: Manage many events easily with EventHandlerList Objects with dense events, but sparse usage can benefit from custom event storage. Those articles go into why it’s nicer to deal with one EventHandlerList […]

Codeplex wastes six months reinventing wheels

I saw an announcement today that CodePlex, Microsoft’s version of Sourceforge, has released a source control client. From the release: A common theme we’ve heard from our users is the desire to be able to work offline (in the “edit-merge-commit” style) when working on their CodePlex projects. Six months ago, we started working to write […]