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Category Archives: code snippet

Pretty icons using CSS and Mark James’ Silk Icons

I recently saw a post via reddit on Rediscovering the button element about making nice buttons with little icons, and was introduced to the Silk Icons available from Mark James. Mark has released these under a Creative Commons Attribution license, any my UIs will be better for it. I went through last night and gave […]

Restart a windows service remotely

I’ve been working with Shibboleth, an Internet2 project to ease authentication and authorization across institutions. So far, its a mess of XML files, and its been a lot of guess and check on various magic strings. One annoyance in working with it was that I’d update the config files, and then need to remote into […]

C# generics and XML deserializing

I’ve been playing with generics more, trying to ease the slog of C# development. The .NET framework allows you to do damn near everything, but its so freaking verbose. Almost anything I want to do with framework classes ends up taking 4-5 nearly identical lines, so I end up writing a lot of little wrapper […]