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Category Archives: javascript

Javascript frontend build tooling

Javascript is an essential tool for building great user interfaces these days, and has some really mature tools for getting a great development environment. One problem I’ve had is there are many different ways to hooks these tools together. After a lot of trial and error, I found a set that seems to work pretty […]

AngularJS with ONLY npm and browserify

I’ve been working with javascript and AngularJS a lot recently, both at work and in hobby projects. I’m a big fan of the framework, but like most non-trivial javascript frameworks, it really wants to have a build/compile step. There are a lot of options for javascript build tools. I identified some main contenders: npm, grunt, […]

Different kinds of angularjs directives

Angularjs directives are a powerful tool. Like many powerful tools, it can take some time to figure out how to use it, and it’s easy to create a working solution that you’ll regret later. I’ve been using angular in small projects for a few years now, and have come up with a few different ways […]

latest postgres docs bookmarklet

When using google to find things in the excellent Postgresql documentation, I often end up on pages showing old postgres versions.  For example, googling for “postgresql create index”, the first hit is for the postgresql 8.2 docs, and I’m running 8.4 now.  My co-workers made a greasemonkey script to automatically redirect to the current version, […]