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Category Archives: saltstack

install pygit2 + libgit2 w/ SSH support on ubuntu

I wanted to use Saltstack‘s gitfs to easily reference salt formulas from my gitolite repository over ssh using key-based authentication. In order for salt-master to do this, you need pygit2, which needs libgit2, which isn’t yet packaged by ubuntu. You can download a libgit2 deb file, but that doesn’t have libgit2 compiled with SSH support, […]

writing saltstack formulas

SaltStack is a great open-source, cross-platform automation system. It lets you configure servers using declarative yaml files and python. You can create custom “states” during yaml/python, and then say “make server X have state Y”. There’s a lot of plumbing involved which I’m not going to delve into, but it’s pretty neat stuff and doesn’t […]