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Category Archives: gainesville-green

more heat-maps using vecto and ch-image

This is a follow-up to my post last year about simplistic heat-maps using Vecto. To recap, I’m trying to make heat maps for google maps overlays. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: From javascript I pass to the server the lat/lng region currently shown on the google map, and what size heat map to […]

simplistic heat-maps using Vecto

I stole some time from my increasing non-technical workload to play with generating heat-maps of residential energy consumption in my project.  The initial results are promising: There are a few neat things going on here.  I’ve got a url handler in my lisp that looks to the query string for lat-lng bounds, image size, […]

New term: Stealthy-patch

By now we’ve all heard of monkey-patching, and I propose a new variant: stealthy-patching.  This is the act of patching a currently running process with zero downtime.  This is similar to monkey patching, but doesn’t have the negative connotations. I just connected to the Gainesville-Green app and evaluated a few forms to add intelligent handling […]

Prepping for Load

A week ago, our UCW-based website (Gainesville-Green) got some local news coverage (see “ Segment Aired on WCJB TV20” on the project’s blog), and we spent the day trying to prep for an increased load. Our setup is fairly straightforward: apache and mod_proxy to serve static content and get dynamic content from… a lisp (sbcl) […]