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Category Archives: vecto

more heat-maps using vecto and ch-image

This is a follow-up to my post last year about simplistic heat-maps using Vecto. To recap, I’m trying to make heat maps for google maps overlays. Here’s how it works in a nutshell: From javascript I pass to the server the lat/lng region currently shown on the google map, and what size heat map to […]

simplistic heat-maps using Vecto

I stole some time from my increasing non-technical workload to play with generating heat-maps of residential energy consumption in my project.  The initial results are promising: There are a few neat things going on here.  I’ve got a url handler in my lisp that looks to the query string for lat-lng bounds, image size, […]

logo for wedding favors

I’m getting married in a few weeks, and one of the final tasks was to make some favors for the guests. Heather and I decided on coffee mugs with a cute logo. We quickly came up with the concept of a heart with gears inside, as we’re having a steampunk/victorian themed wedding.  After one very […]

adw-charting progress and plans

It’s been awhile since I posted any updates on adw-charting, but some progress has been made.  After deciding to use google charts for rendering, a few months ago, I’m re-thinking the decision.  Google charts look very nice, but they weren’t as automatic as I’d hoped, and there was still a lot of processing needed before […]

an x-axis plus API cleanup

Some more progress on the charting library today: cleaned up the API a little bit, opting for some nicer make-foo function instead of requiring calls to make-instance: make-series label data &key color make-axis label &key control-string draw-gridlines-p label-formatter control-string: a format-compatible control string, and supplying it sets the label-formatter for the axis label-formatter: a function […]

more graphing

Another productive afternoon: This is the start of axes. The internals are getting very, very messy, but I really like the result. Here’s the code used to create this: (defun line-chart-with-axis-labels () “draws a simple line chart” (let* ((seriesA (make-instance ‘series :label “SeriesA” ;data expressed as a list (x y) pairs :data ‘((-1 -2) (0 […]

charting library taking form

It now does line charts and better pie charts, and has had a lot of bugs removed since the last post. We did some code review on it at work, brought some of the spaghetti under control, and included the library in an intranet app. Here’s a sample line graph: The (somewhat verbose) code for […]

A good day’s hacking

Everyone had the day off, so I decided to work on making a graphing library. I’ve been on a fairly constant quest for easy data visualization, running through several options: homegrown SVG renderer (javascript) homegrown png renderer (C#) Gruff (ruby) some graphing capability from Dojo (javascript) cl-plplot I’ve never been happy with any of these, […]

Graphing my fuel efficiency with lisp and Vecto

Gonna try to be quick about this, as there’s chicken on the grill. I took a break from Team Fortress 2 to play some more with Vecto, another fine library from Xach. I started another post about last weekend’s lisp playing, but this one got finished first. I’ve been tracking my fuel efficiency for a […]