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Category Archives: lisp

HOWTO: start using lisp in your work environment (part 1)

Getting started with lisp is no easy task. Tools like clbuild and Lispbox make it easier than a few years ago, but there are still obstacles (some quite reasonable) to using lisp in your work environment. After conversing about the subject a little with Alberto Riva (another local lisper!) and seeing trichey mention it, I […]

simple job scheduling with a threaded lisp

Yesterday I had a need to do some batch processing, making many HTTP calls to crawl a government website to pull down some public data.  I didn’t want to run this during normal hours, because I didn’t want to put a strain on their server.  I had the web crawling sorted out as a function […]

logo for wedding favors

I’m getting married in a few weeks, and one of the final tasks was to make some favors for the guests. Heather and I decided on coffee mugs with a cute logo. We quickly came up with the concept of a heart with gears inside, as we’re having a steampunk/victorian themed wedding.  After one very […]

some simple cl-smtp examples

The docs on cl-smtp are a little, um, terse, so I figured I’d post a few snippets for google to find: Sending html email with cl-smtp: (cl-smtp:send-email +mail-server+ “” “” “Subject” “<html><body> <p> Shiny <strong>h</strong><em>t</em><small>m</small>l. </p> <p> </body></html>” :extra-headers ‘((“Content-type” “text/html; charset=\”iso-8859-1\””))) Sending attachments with cl-smtp: (cl-smtp:send-email +mail-server+ “” “” “Subject” “see attachement” :attachments ‘(“/path/to/attachment”)) […]

adw-charting now has at least one other user

I’ve gotten some nice email from Erik Winkels giving feedback on adw-charting, and now today (which has had already it’s share of exe-related posts), I get one more email with a patch for supporting clisp executables. I was loading a font file using a path relative to the (asdf:component-pathname …), and that was tripping up […]

adw-charting progress and plans

It’s been awhile since I posted any updates on adw-charting, but some progress has been made.  After deciding to use google charts for rendering, a few months ago, I’m re-thinking the decision.  Google charts look very nice, but they weren’t as automatic as I’d hoped, and there was still a lot of processing needed before […]

lispvan presentation

In a couple of hours I’ll be giving a presentation to lispvan about web applications with UCW and lisp.  I’ve mostly been a user of UCW, and spent time over the past week reading through the internals so I can give better explanations.  It’s a bit easier on me because UCW has been forked and […]

New term: Stealthy-patch

By now we’ve all heard of monkey-patching, and I propose a new variant: stealthy-patching.  This is the act of patching a currently running process with zero downtime.  This is similar to monkey patching, but doesn’t have the negative connotations. I just connected to the Gainesville-Green app and evaluated a few forms to add intelligent handling […]

Prepping for Load

A week ago, our UCW-based website (Gainesville-Green) got some local news coverage (see “ Segment Aired on WCJB TV20” on the project’s blog), and we spent the day trying to prep for an increased load. Our setup is fairly straightforward: apache and mod_proxy to serve static content and get dynamic content from… a lisp (sbcl) […]

lisp geocoding, more library possibilities

I’m finally working on a project that has a public component (besides a login screen), and the lisp has been flowing. I’ve been able to put in probably around 10 hours a week on this thing, and I can’t wait until its more presentable to show off. As part of this, we’re building up our […]