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Category Archives: lisp

adw-charting to get a lot prettier

I’ve recently come to an obvious conclusion: chart layout is really hard, and not in a fun way. Luckily, Google has clarified the terms of use on their charting service, which is a RESTful API that returns png files based on some arc-ish querystring parameters. No google API key is required, the 300,000 pixel image […]

What learning lisp taught me about other languages

For the last few years I’ve been learning and using Lisp more, and here is a disorganized, poorly-worded dump of how Lisp changed my opinion about other languages. Static Types (as implemented by C# and Java) are oppressive. I spend most of my time in C#, and it always feels like I’m toiling in the […]

Practical Lisp 2008

Zach Beane asked what people are working on, here’s my contribution: Work: Web application managing all data for my employer, Replaces an old C++ desktop app and an old ASP web app Tracks LOTS of random customer data Generates CSV exports for bulk credit card charging Uses CLSQL and a byzantine set of libraries […]

adw-charting darcs repository moving

I apparently can’t follow instructions, and put my darcs repo in the wrong place on, polluting their darcsweb. The new location is: I’ll be deleting the old junk in a few days.

the beginnings of bar charts

Spent a ton of time today playing with adw-charting. I wanted to expand on the source contributor graphs from the other day, and ended up implementing some basic bar chart functionality. I’ve read a lot of complaints about the lack of lisp libraries, so whenever I sit down to do some random task, I try […]

clbuild on my eeepc

Today and yesterday I got my eeepc setup for lisp development, using clbuild to get all the dependencies resolved for me. After some trial and error, here were my steps: Added xandros repositories and repositories to /etc/apt/sources.list, set to have the same priority as the asus repository in /etc/apt/preferences The version of git […]

sbcl contributors over time

I took a break from the day-to-day work (maybe giving Visual Studio’s a timeout will solve it’s “Generation of designer file failed: Unknown server tag…” problem), and noticed jsnell posted a list of SBCL contributors to #lisp, and decided to do some graphing: Of course, since I’ve never graphed this before, I found 2 bugs. […]

more adw-charting paperwork complete

Made another release tonight, but there are no new features, this is just tying up some loose ends: added a LICENSE file and license headers in each file. removed cl-vector-chart.lisp, which I had looked at for inspiration, but ultimately decided not to use. added a lisp file and shell script to automate making a release. […]

adw-charting 0.7

I finally got some time to employ the adw-charting library in my intranet app, and the increase in data sets revealed a lot of bugs.  Tonight I finally put together a release. Some changes: Pie chart slices are made much more intelligently, resolving some bad rendering with some datasets. x-axis label locations are decided in […]

adw-charting is available for download

Someone on #lisp started talking about making line charts using vecto, so I went ahead and got setup a project: Now I’m somewhat flooded with digital paperwork: Get my darcs repository onto Update the documentation to point to (removed all the damn lies, so only vague untruths remain) Get access to […]